My works are an artistic expression of my personal life.

I combine fragments collected from family albums, daily notes, childhood drawings, old envelopes, newspaper headlines, vintage pictures.

The floor of my studio is filled with torn faces and figures that seem to merge in the anonymity of the masses.

When I move them back and forth and over each other, the images that arise remind me of the depth of the memories in our minds. One behind the other. It is at such a time that yesterday’s events can take place previous to an event of my childhood.

The result expresses a tension between abstraction and realism, color versus black and white, times gone by and everyday life, darkness and hope.

In some cases, I enlarge details of these collages into larger paintings. I transfer the paper layers to my paintings without losing sight of their tangible character.

All my art works are in theme, and all of them are new versions of my personal life experiences.